Pěkný-Unimex s.r.o.

Few words about company

In 2007 Pěknỳ-Unimex s.r.o. company was acquired by Prymat company. Combining the production and sales potential and marketing experience strengthened the market position of Avokádo brand in the Czech market. Products of Kucharek brand were also introduced to this market. Due to the merger Pěknỳ-Unimex s.r.o. company became one of the key producers of spices in the Czech market. At present, Pěknỳ-Unimex s.r.o. company offers consumers a broad portfolio of spices, marinades and food additives under the Avokádo, Nadir, Kucharek and Gastroline brand both for the retail market, as well as, for gastronomy customers and the food industry. Production is concentrated in two production plants – in Humpolc and in Veverska Bitysce, where the department of marketing, sales and administration has its seat.

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