Prymat sp. z o.o.

A few words about the company

Prymat company is one of the key producers of spices in Poland which supplies the highest quality products with original and intense aroma.

The firm was established in 1983. At the beginning the company produced spices and food concentrates. With time, thanks to specializations and intensive work, Prymat has become a more dynamic company. Nowadays it is the flagship of the food industry and the largest Polish producer of spices.

Prymat Group is known, first of all, because of two well recognized brands such as Prymat, Smak and Kucharek. Prymat brand offers among others uniform spices, spice blends, mustards, marinades and salad dressings. Kucharek brand is the producer of one of the most popular universal seasonings in Poland.

The enterprise owns the brands: Prymat, Kucharek, Smak, Asta and GastroLine.

Brands of the company

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