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Prymat Group is one of the leading producers of spices in Central-Eastern Europe, as well as, a producer of processed fruit and vegetables. Prymat Group has wide competences in dry, wet processes and vegetable processing. Our distinguishing feature is a rich offer addressed to the retail market, HoReCa branch (hotels, restaurants, catering), as well as, industry. We deliver products to all key networks, both Polish, as well as, foreign ones.

Our history

The beginnings of the Prymat Group date back to 1983. However, a turning point was in the year 1995, with the initiation of production of Kucharek seasonings. In the same year, the Prymat brand was registered, offering homogenous spices and specialist seasoning mixtures.

The further dynamic development of the Prymat company was above all determined by huge investments in infrastructure, new technologies and a machine park, as well as by effective management based on numerous systems, above all SAP, but also ISO and HACCP. Reaching a position of leader on the spice market in Poland was also made possible by wide product distribution and recognizable marketing campaigns.

Meanwhile, a well thought-out development strategy and the acquisition of the Czech company – Pěknỳ-Unimex s.r.o., the Polish company – Smak and the Hungarian company – Lacikonyha Magyarorszák Kft., laid the foundations for building the Prymat Group.

  1. The beginnings of Prymat Group can be dated back to 1983, when the name of the company was Prima.

  2. The breakout year for the company was 1995, when a Kucharek universal seasoning began to be produced. In the same year the Prymat brand was registered and it offered uniform seasonings and special blends of spices.

  3. In 1999 the Prymat brand portfolio exceeded 80 items and the seasoning range was expanded by products for the Horeca industry.

  4. The Kucharek universal seasoning was awarded prestigious “European Medal” in 2000.

  5. Under the slogan of “Kucharek – the solution to a good taste”, the first grand Kucharek advertising campaign was launched in 2002.

  6. In 2003 the Kucharek universal seasoning became the market leader of universal seasonings and was given the “Q” quality mark. In the same year the first advertising campaign of the Prymat brand was mounted under the slogan of “100% of the seasoning”.

  7. In 2005 another advertising campaign was launched that strengthened the brand position on the Polish market. The slogan was then “There is Kucharek. There is the taste”.

  8. In 2006 Robert Sowa, a renowned cooking master, became the Prymat brand ambassador, who has been associated with the brand to this day.
    In the same year the image of the Kucharek brand was altered, including all product categories in the brand range. In addition, the Kucharek universal seasoning was awarded the Consumer’s Laurel.
    The year 2006 also saw a turning point in the history of the brand Prymat Sp. z o.o., which involved a thorough change of the graphic design into the well-known now and characteristic claret line.

  9. The change of the packaging and positioning of the brand was supported by an advertising campaign called “Prymat. Seasonings that inspire”. The Prymat seasonings were also awarded the Consumer’s Laurel.
    In November 2007, Prymat took over one of the leaders of the seasoning market in the Czech Republic – Pěkný-Unimex s.r.o.

  10. In 2008 Prymat sp. z o.o. completed the implementation project of the SAP system – a world’s leading and most comprehensive IT solution.

  11. Another phase of development and implementation of the adopted strategy was the acquisition of Smak sp. z o.o. – the Polish producer of processed fruit and vegetable products.

  12. Prymat Group’s brands have been strongly supported in the media since 2010. Our brands have appeared in such Polish TV shows as „Kitchen Nightmares”, “Dzień dobry TVN”, “Ugotowani”, “Życie od kuchni” or in such favourite TV series as: “Na wspólnej”, “Przepis na życie”.

  13. In 2012, new recipes and a graphic design of packagings of uniform seasonings and special blends of spices were introduced. Prymat – no preservatives, artificial colouring agents or monosodium glutamate.

  14. Prymat is the leader of the uniform seasoning and blend market.

  15. Introduction of a new product line “My recipe for…” promoted by eminent chefs.

  16. New identification of the Prymat brand

  17. Lacikonyha Magyarország Kft. acquisition.

  18. Kulinaria SA acquisition.

  19. A new company on the German market was launched – Prymat International GmbH.

Prymat Group in Europe

Prymat Group’s brands can be found not only in Poland, but also in many other European countries. The products of our brands are established in such countries as Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. Prymat Group also exports its products to Japan, the United States and even to Australia.

By a consistent sales growth, development strategy focused on expanding into new markets, new production sites outside Poland (as a result of acquiring Pěkný-Unimex and production sites in Veverská Bítýška and Humpolec and Kulinaria and production sites in Tychy), Prymat Group is an important seasoning producer both in Poland and Europe.



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